Student apparel should not distract from the education environment therefore every student at Homestead Senior High is

required to wear a uniform. We are a mandatory uniform school every day including early release and assessment days.

The HSHS uniform consists of the following:

 Orange, Navy, or White Pique Polo shirt

 Khaki, Navy, or Black pants/shorts with a black or “uniform –colored” belt

 Academy polo with logo for designated days (not daily –wear)

 Business attire/Academy Uniform for designated days-select students

In addition to the mandatory uniform requirement:

 No workout clothes outside of Physical Education classes

 No sweaters or jackets with hoods ( not even tucked-in)

 Shorts must be Knee Length

 Do not add additional colors to the uniform for “individuality”

 No visible display of undergarments (i.e. underpants or undershirts, etc.)

 No flip-flops, back-less sandals, homemade straps, bedroom slippers, metal cleats, tap on shoes, or crocs

 No caps, hats, sweatbands, visors, bandanas, stocking caps/shower caps or “do-rags”, head scarves, or hair rollers

 No stiletto-style heels

 No skirts or dresses (unless Business Attire on designated days). No “skorts.”

 No Pajamas or “Snuggies”

 Beepers, radios/music players, cassette/CD players, laser pointers, electronic game devices are NOT allowed

during school hours. If any of the above items are brought on school grounds and lost or stolen from student’s

possession, school administration is not responsible. If visible during class time the items may be confiscated and

returned at a later time.

 No written messages, pictures, or symbols displayed which portray ideas that are offensive, or threatened the

health, safety, or welfare of students and/or faculty ( i.e., messages which relate to drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex,

or profanity).