Homestead Senior High School envisions its students developing their talents and intellectual skills to become informed, caring, responsible, and productive citizens of their community, state, nation, and world.


The mission of Homestead Senior High School is to prepare students to develop their human potential and intellectual skills by providing a quality, relevant, and rigorous education in a safe learning environment so that students will become competitive and participatory citizens in a globalized world.


At Homestead Senior High School, we believe that:

1. All students learn and grow in a safe, disciplined environment.
2. All students have a basic right to quality instruction and education.
3. By adapting instruction to students’ abilities and levels, learning styles and interests, students will value their instruction and education.
4. All students can achieve academic excellence.
5. Character building, multicultural sensitivity and global awareness are integral parts of quality curriculum.
6. Academic standards should drive classroom instruction, not standardized tests.
7. Teachers should adapt their classroom instructions using a variety of learning styles and tools to meet the needs of all students.
8. Our capacity to grow and learn will be enhanced in an environment of trust, collaboration, and interdependence. Working collaboratively to make data based decisions concerning curriculum and instructional priorities will support our vision, mission, and beliefs.
9. Professionalism in the classroom and throughout the school should guide our behaviors and interactions.
10. Teachers and administrators committed to effective leadership and continuous improvement build a quality school.